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WILDLIFE SOLUTIONS is a HUMANE ANIMAL REMOVAL SERVICE to safely protect your PROPERTY. Your home, office, building, condo, apartment, cottage or boat!


Our TEAM of PROFESSIONAL service technicians have a combined service experience of over 100 years!

Our innovative approach to safely remove nuisance and unwanted CRITTERS from your space is our speciality. We take CONTROL of the situation!

Our apologies we do not provide service for domestic animals (dogs & cats) we leave that to the other professionals!

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Raccoon Removal

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Skunk Removal

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Squirrel Removal

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Opossum Removal

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Mice Removal

Also Serving York Region areas: Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Vaughan, Markham, Thornhill

North of Newmarket Please call Randy at 1888-473-7698 or on his cell at: 905-715-9713, We Serve all areas East Gwillimbury, Sutton, Mount Albert, Keswick, Barrie, Innisfil etc...

GOT SQUIRRELS? “Sciuridea”

Hearing scratching noises in your roof or walls? See small holes in the exterior of your home? It’s a good chance you might have a squirrel problem!

They access soffits, shingles, walls, crawlspaces etc. they can cause extraordinary damages by chewing wiring, urinating & defecating, as well as structural damage in support beams within your home or business!

Although cute and fuzzy, squirrels can cause extensive damage to the interior and exterior of your property. Getting through even the tiniest of holes. They give birth late winter and mid-summer, typically having litters of up to 4 babies.

Squirrels carry an array of transmittable diseases including Rabies, Tularemia and Leptospirosis. UGGGG! And Lyme disease!

GOT RACCOONS? “Procyon lotor”

That beautiful furry masked faced bandit… Sometimes friendly and always hungry. Well, they can be a significant urban wildlife problem if they decide they want to move into your property.

Raccoons are highly intelligent, adaptable and flexible creatures can wreak havoc in your roof, attic and all around your property. Honestly, they can be quite ferocious too!

Like all nuisance animals, it is imperative to fortify your property and ensure your safety as well as the integrity of your home. Raccoons are super strong and pliable having up to 4-5 homes they will “camp out in” at any given time. There comfort creatures, having their babies in your expensive nice warm attic insulation. Giving birth of up to 6 offspring a year… sometimes twice! Raccoons are also nocturnal, so if they invade your space – you might not get much sleep!

Raccoons also carry a host of disease carrying problems such as Roundworm, Leptospirosis, Salmonella and Rabies. Scary…

Got Mice? “Musculus”

Oh the lowly house mouse! Sometimes considered “cute” trust me there’s never one! These mostly nocturnal rodents make us nuts. Visualize humans jumping up on chairs or other furniture.

Clearly the worst of it is the droppings littered all over countertops, floors and other surfaces. They can enter your property within the smallest of holes and they like well-hidden dens inside walls, floorboards, attics and basements. They typically stay close to food sources. Mice also gather soft materials for their hidden lairs. They can climb, jump and swim, in addition to pooping and urinating everywhere! Ergo: health risks. Mice urine and feces have an obnoxious odour and it’s unhealthy. The smell of a dead mouse is a very noxious odour. Mice can have somewhere between 5-10 litters annually with up to 14 young born, that’s a lot of math!

Well here’s the worst – worst case scenario, mice carry a disease called Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and Sin Nombre Virus both deadly to humans with no apparent vaccine. This is caused by an infected mouse droppings going airborne. By sweeping or cleaning an area can allow these viruses to enter the air. Additionally, diseases like Leptospirosis & Murine Typhus are prevalent but are primarily caused by the fleas that mice get. Yuck!

GOT SKUNKS? “Mephitis”

Whoa… whats that smell? Is that a skunk? Whewwww.., well albeit a cool kinda critter. Often mistaken for small dog or large cat. They waddle through your yard looking for somewhere to hunker down, stay warm and eat, and breed. They like to burrow. Maybe under your shed or in the window well of the side of your property. Under your hot tub?

These little stinkers are not much fun when there tearing up you garden or lawn… or spraying our cat or dog with the noxious oily spray, which can shoot out to about ten feet and seriously stinks! It can permeate your home for hours or days. You’re pet for weeks or months!!! Sometimes if feeling threatened they will hiss, stamp their feet and charge… then whamo! Spray. There glands are located under their tails by their backside and can have about 5-6 spray’s ready to go.

Also nocturnal, so foraging for food all night is there game.

Skunks are carriers of Rabies… a painful death and a painful hospital visit! If infected.

If you suspect nuisance wildlife has invaded your house, call our Wildlife Management Specialists to inspect and remove the animal, and treat for all problem species to prevent future infestations.

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